Spanish Learning for Free: 10 Best Effective Websites

Websites for Spanish learning

Do you want to learn Spanish with the best Spanish learning websites?

These Spanish learning websites are the best places for you to learn Spanish language.

The websites provide innovative online resources for learning Spanish language.

Here are some effective language learning websites that will help you learning Spanish better than ever.

If you want to learn Spanish, surely you will find what you need from these Spanish learning websites. These are the most useful websites to learn Spanish online. These Spanish learning websites will take you to the right places to learn Spanish effectively. The sites provide the easiest way to learn Spanish for Kids or beginners. Intermediate and advanced level learners will find extensive multimedia resources to improve their Spanish on these websites.

Spanish Learning for Free: The 10 Best Effective Websites

1. Study Spanish

Study Spanish is a comprehensive website to learn Spanish. The site has lots of Spanish learning resources. The resources are on pronunciation, grammar explanations, verb exercise etc. It also contains travel time Spanish, cultural notes, conversation courses and daily words.

2. BBC’s Languages Spanish

BBC’s Languages Spanish is an excellent place to learn Spanish effectively. It’s organized for beginners, intermediate and advanced level learners. The lessons are through audio, video and games that include almost all areas of learning Spanish.

3. Online Free Spanish

Online Free Spanish is a fun way to learn Spanish. The site offers lots of interactive lessons and activities for learning Spanish. The lessons are for both children and parents. It’s organized for beginners, intermediate and advance level learners.

4. Learning Spanish on

Spanish learning on is a good place to start improving Spanish. It provides basic information about Spanish, pronunciation, listening, vocabulary etc. This can be a good place to learn and improve your Spanish.

5. Spanish Town

Spanish Town provides interactive Spanish learning materials for all levels and ages. This is a good place for Beginners and kids to learn Spanish. The introductory vocabulary list has audios that learners can listen to a native Spanish speaker. Beginners will enjoy learning Spanish with this site.

6. Busuu’s Learning Spanish

Busuu is an online community for language learning. The lessons are image and sound-based that will be very useful. Their interactive Spanish learning materials are completely free of charge. You can get also more materials by paying a minimal monthly fee.

7. Learning Spanish on Memrise

Memrise is an online Spanish learning community including other languages. Memrise offers the largest number of language courses including Spanish. This can be a nice place of your Spanish learning.

8. Learning Spanish on Duolingo

Duolingo is an attractive and interesting site to learn Spanish. The site provides extensive Spanish learning materials. It has also a translation option for difficult passages. Learners can create value by translating real-world documents while they’re learning.

9. Learning Spanish on Babbel

Babbel is a community driven Spanish learning site with other languages. Learning Spanish with this site is very simple and easy-to-understand. It offers almost ten different ways to learn Spanish for both beginners and advanced beginners. Bubbel charges for full access to the courses, but all other parts are free to use.

10. Veintemundos

Veintemundos can be a very good starting to learn Spanish for beginners. Their resources will be effective if you want to learn Spanish as a beginner. Learning Spanish with veintemundos is very simple and easy-to-understand.

There are thousands of online resources for learning Spanish. But not all Spanish learning resources are in a same place. These are available separately in different Spanish learning websites. Different sites emphasize to different activities on reading, writing, listening and speaking. Through this collection, we try to present a list of online Spanish learning resources that contains all areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

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