Top Free Online Courses and Lessons for Learning French

French learning lessons

Learning French is easy with theses free online French courses and interactive lessons. Find the best courses or lessons that can be fit with your level. We’ve made a list of resources that will help you to find a very good start of learning French. The list includes online courses, class lectures and high-quality audio-video lessons. Most of the resources are completely free, while some of them have a paid service. Hope you will find these resources perfect for getting started with French.

Learning French with Free Online Courses

Taking an online French language course is one of the most effective ways of learning French. Start learning French with theses online courses that can be perfect for you. While some courses are paid, many of them are free of charge. You can visit our complete collection of Free Language Courses to learn more languages.

  • French Learning Objects – An open courseware from University of Cambridge Language Centre. The objects are independent French learning resources you can use either as part of a course or for self study.
  • Elementary French I – A 15 weeks long French learning course from Carnegie Mellon University. The course is media-rich and interactive that covers introductions, activities, family, home, restaurants and more.
  • Elementary French II – Another 15 weeks long French learning course from Carnegie Mellon University. The course is media-rich and interactive that covers family, future, the body, vacations, change, and more.
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Free English Courses: Learn English with Courses from Top Universities

English learning courses

Free English Courses

Learn English with a good collection of free English courses with innovative audio, video and text materials. The courses are offered by top universities in the world. The courses are focus on all areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening. You can choose your course and start your reading anytime, anywhere. Also you can earn certificates after completion of the courses. You will get an excellent English learning experience through these courses.

American English Speech

Offered by OLI from Carnegie Mellon University. Learn the sounds of the words that we speak, the symbols for sounds using the International Phonetic Alphabet and articulating sounds using the dialect of Standard American English. Go to the course.

Diploma in Basic English Grammar

Introducing the fundamental aspects of English grammar in written and spoken English. Ideal to learn how to complement vocabulary and phrases with a greater understanding of grammar. Duration: 10-15 hours, audio/ video, with certification, offered by ALISON. Go to the course.

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10 Simple Ways to Make Life Simpler

How to make life simpler

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”
— Confucius

Making life simpler is one of the preconditions for living a peaceful life. We all want to work less and enjoy life more. But not all times this dream turns into reality in our lives. We work hard and spend long hours at jobs we don’t like or don’t bring us satisfaction, and at one stage, we’re stressed and broke.

Most of the time, our lives are complicated only because we choose to make it so. For instance, when we get a laptop, suddenly everywhere is the office. With smart phones or tablet, we do the same. These gadgets then become more complicated than necessary.

In our lives, simplicity is important. Living a simpler life can be a great way to reduce your stress and to relax. You can get numerous benefits if you live a simpler life. You’ll have more time to stay with your friends and family. You’ll have more time to spend on your favorite hobby. Most of all, there will be more joy and happiness in your life.

You can make your life simpler and more enjoyable by reprioritizing your life, adjusting your schedule, or changing your physical environment. Here are 10 simple things you can do to make your life simpler and more enjoyable. At least, it works for me. How about you?

  1. Identify what’s important, and eliminate the rest — Days will fill up with time-wasting activities if you aren’t careful. An important thing you need to remember that being productive isn’t just about getting things done—it’s also about leaving things undone. The efficiency and simplicity of your days depends strongly on the elimination of non-essential tasks. So you must take time to identify what’s most important to you, and then eliminate as much as you possibly can of everything else.
  2. Declutter your living space — The less things you have the less complicated your life will be. We create our own world around us and fill it with items. Things become old and useless with time. Survey your surroundings and get organized. Sort your items in three categories—keep, donate, and throw away. Keep the things that you really need, and throw away or give away old stuff you no longer need. Give yourself some extra breathing room. The more you clear from your living space, the lighter you feel.
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Learning A New Language: 10 Tips You Need to Know

tips for learning a new language

Learning a new language is a valuable skill. It goes without saying that learning a new language will make you smarter and open up a world of job opportunity for you. It can boost your brain amazingly, no matter how old you are. Many learners struggle to merely pick up a new language for lacking of effective way. While there are many paths to picking up a new language, here are ten effective tips from multilingual experts I’ve found on the web to become fluent in a new language. As a language learner I found these tips very effective for me. That’s why I want to share these tips to the language learners who want to learn a new language with an easy way.

“Learning another language is like becoming another person.”
— Haruki Murakami

1. Set Specific, Realistic Goals – We all know that goals should be specific, and this saying is far more relevant to learn a new language. At the first stage of learning a new language, “speak fluently” as a goal, is too broad and is not necessarily the best idea. You have to narrow it down and make it more specific. Language learning should be broken down into manageable goals that are possible to attain within a few months. For example, set yourself a target of being able to say the 100 most common phrases for travelers, or to be able to exchange basic greetings or small talk. When you will be able to achieve this specific goal, set a new goal and learn step by step toward your big goal “speak fluently”.

2. Choose a language topic that’s relevant to you – One thing you need to keep in mind—recognizing exactly why you are going to learn a language is really important. You can write down the reasons you are learning a language and keep it in front of you or the file that you are using. Then focus on language content that’s related to your interests. For example, you want to learn Spanish so that you can communicate with your business partners in Spain. Then focus on learning words and phrases in Spanish that are related to your business.

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English Lessons for Free: Best Interactive Places Online

free English lessons

Learn English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL) with easy and effective way. This provides effective English lessons, including tips to improve speaking English, audio-video lessons, extensive grammar explanations, vocabulary practice lessons, English test, lessons for listening skills, English speaking tutorial and much more. The lessons are designed to work on mobiles, tablets and desktop computers- so wherever you are, enjoy learning English.

Websites for Free English Lessons

Breaking News English

Breaking News English provides English lessons based on the latest braking news. The lessons are organized in 7 levels, from elementary to advanced. New lessons uploaded every 2 days and available downloadable PDF format. 30+ online quizzes for each English lessons lessons. Listening files in British and American English can be downloaded in mp3 format.

English Central

English Central provides thousands of the most engaging videos on the web presented with text transcriptions and word definitions. The English Lessons are covered with academic, business, career, media, social, and travel English for beginner, intermediate and advanced level learners. There is a video based vocabulary training tool which is effective way to improve vocabulary.

Connect With English

Through the story of Rebecca Casey, a 28-year-old Boston working woman, Connect With English touches on life’s important issues such as love, dream, loss, success, leaving home, and work. Connect With English provides 50 fifteen-minute video instructional series that will teach English as a second language for college students, high school students and adult learners. This produced by WGBH Boston.

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