French Learning for Free: 9 Best Effective Websites

Websites for French learning

Do you want to learn French with the best French learning websites?

These French learning websites are the best places for you to learn French language.

The websites provide innovative online resources for learning French language.

Here are some effective language learning websites that will help you learning French better than ever.

If you want to learn French, surely you will find what you need from these French learning websites. These are the most useful websites to learn French online. These French learning websites will take you to the right places to learn French effectively. The sites provide the easiest way to learn French for Kids or beginners. Intermediate and advanced level learners will find extensive multimedia resources to improve their French on these websites.

French Learning for Free: The 9 Best Effective Websites

1. Duolingo—Learning French

Duolingo is an interesting and participatory site for learning French with other top languages. Learners work on French learning activities through reading, writing, listening and speaking. Their learning materials and translation option are very effective for learning French.

2. Memrise—Learning French

Memrise is a free language learning community including French where you will get lots of French learning activities. The site covers phrases, grammar, pronunciation, listening resources and with strong focus on vocabulary. This can be a nice place for learning French.

3. Busuu—Learning French

Busuu is an online community for learning French with other top languages. It’s a place to learn French with study options for reading, writing, listening and speaking. You can use their rich contents and use video-chat application. Their interactive contents are image and sound-based.

4. BBC’s Languages French

Though the site has been archived, but you will find extensive resources on learning French. BBC’s Languages French is an excellent place that will help to improve your French. The lessons are both for beginners and intermediate or advanced level learners.

5. French Tutorial

French Tutorial provides step by step lessons on learning French. It includes basic information about French, study tips, pronunciation, grammar explanation, including audio support for better understanding of pronunciation. This is a good place for learning French.

6. ieLanguages

ieLanguages provides French learning tutorials that cover most of the materials that you would come across if you were to take a French class. The site provides almost all areas of French learning from basic to advanced level learners. This can be your good place for learning French.

7. French Assistant

French Assistant is a rich site to learn French in easy way. You need to register and then you will get all the lessons. However all French learning resources are free here. The lessons are organized from beginners to intermediate and advance level learners.

8. Language

Language provides interactive and sound-integrated French learning resources. There is an online picture dictionary that will make your learning French easy. This is a nice place to learn French vocabulary with pronunciation.

9. has everything you need to start learning French. It provides basic information about French, pronunciation and listening, spelling and vocabulary etc. This can be a good place to learn and improve your French.

There are thousands of online resources for learning French. But not all resources are in a same place. These are available separately in different French learning websites. Different sites emphasize to different activities on reading, writing, listening and speaking. Through this collection, we try to present a list of online French learning resources that contains all areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

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