Language Learning for Free: 10 Best Effective Websites

language learning websites

Do you want to learn a new language with the best language learning websites?

These language learning websites are the best places for you to learn a new language.

The websites provide innovative online resources for learning languages.

Here are some effective language learning websites that will help you learning new languages better than ever.

In today’s era, knowing new languages other than your native language has become extremely beneficial. Learning new languages can open up highly honored employment opportunities for you. In these websites, you can learn new languages effectively and in less time. These websites provide multimedia resources covering all areas of language learning. You can learn English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, Arabic and many other popular languages with these websites. You will get an exceptional language learning experience through these websites.

“Learning another language is like becoming another person.”
— Haruki Murakami

Language Learning for Free: The 10 Best Websites

1. LiveMocha

LiveMocha is a full-featured language learning site with Interactive lessons. The lessons are available in over 20 languages. Although the site is a commercial site but the basic courses are free. Livemocha allows learners to access virtual classes and books as online session with private tutor. This website is the world’s first online social language learning site. It links you with other users all over the globe who are learning or already fluent in the language you are learning. LiveMocha also offers video and audio downloads and useful tips from native English speakers.

2. Busuu

Busuu is an innovative online community for learning languages. You can connect directly with native speakers in the Busuu community by using video-chat application. The contents are image and sound-based where you can listen by professional voice artists speaking in their own language. Busuu has over 150 learning units covering diverse topic areas. It’s highly interactive learning material completely free of charge. However, by paying a minimal monthly fee, you can become a Premium Membership to get additional functionalities.

3. Memrise

Memrise is an online learning community where you will get thousands of innovative language courses. Memrise is a free service for all. It offers the largest number of language courses including German, Spanish, English, French, Chinese, Arabic and many more. Memrise covers over 200 languages, and the number of supported languages is constantly growing.

4. Foreign Services Institute (FSI)

The Foreign Services Institute (FSI) is a non-profit effort to foster the learning of worldwide languages. The courses are created and developed by the United States Government. The materials are free for personal use. Though the site is basic but the materials are high-quality with the goal of learner fluency. The audios are sometimes a bit unclear but well organized. Compared to other dynamic or eye-caching sites, the contents seem austere, with simple black-and-white texts. The lessons are organized based on grammar which might be boring to some learners. The courses offered by FSI come with a scanned textbook, a large number of audio lessons, or both.

5. Duolingo

Duolingo is an attractive and interesting site to learn languages. Learners study vocabulary and build it into simple sentences through reading, writing, listening and speaking. There’s also an Immersion learning materials and a translation option for difficult passages. Learning languages in Duolingo is completely free. So far, at the moment, the site offers Spanish, English (for Spanish speakers), French, German, Portuguese and Italian.

6. italki

italki is a language learning site where you can find the best language teachers from around the world. The site offers global partners, lessons, video, audio, and other study materials to assist in language learning. You can learn with the learning community and with online language teachers. italki has a global community of over a million language learners and more than a thousand language teachers. The language exchange aspect in italki is entirely free.

7. has lots of useful articles and information on language learning. It has lots of language learning materials on English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. The materials guide you from basic sentence writing to writing business letters or essays. All available materials are free.

8. Radio Lingua Network

Radio Lingua Network provides free audio lessons in 20 different languages (supplementary materials for a fee). The site is especially for language learning with iPod, iPhone, mp3 Player or computer. You can take the lessons with you wherever and whenever you go by downloading the free materials.

9. Babbel

Babbel is a community driven language learning site. It provides learning options for both beginners and advanced beginners. Registration with Babbel and the first lesson in every course are free. But Babbel charges if you want full access to the courses. All other parts of Babbel are free to use.

10. BBC’s Languages

BBC’s Languages learning website is very aesthetically pleasing. The site is an excellent place to learn a variety of different languages, including English. It provides free audio and video courses that can be taken online as well as newsletters and other study materials.

There are thousands of online resources for learning languages. But not all language learning resources are in a same place. The resources are available separately in different websites. Different websites emphasize to different activities on reading, writing, listening and speaking practice. Through the above collection, the sites contain online language learning resources in those different areas.

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