Free Google Courses and Certifications to Develop Your Skills

Google courses

Google courses and certifications are the great way to develop skills you can apply right away, demonstrate your technical skills and proficiency, and showcase your expertise. Find free online Google courses and certifications designed by Google product experts and get the know-how you need to find success. You can learn digital marketing, Android development, Google products, Analytics, Google Cloud, and more. Most of the courses are self-paced, that means you can learn at your own pace. Explore the categories below to find a course that’s right for you.

Google Courses, Certifications, and Training

1. Courses from Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage is a Grow with Google program which provides free training, tools, and resources to help you grow your skills, career, or business. On Google Digital Garage, you’ll find the courses into three categories—data and tech, digital marketing, and career development. The courses are from digital marketing to coding to machine learning, and many more. Some example courses are: fundamental of digital marketing (including free certificate), understand the basics of code, basics of machine learning, effective networking, and more. Continue reading “Free Google Courses and Certifications to Develop Your Skills”

50+ Free Online Courses with Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion

Finding free online courses with free certificates is not an easy task. You might be utterly confused if you Google, you will get tons of search results with free online courses. But almost all courses have hidden costs. Sometimes courses are partially free and you need to pay for full access (e.g.: Coursera), and sometimes courses are free but certificates are paid (e.g.: Edx). So finding free certifications online can be a hectic task. The good news is, there still are tons of free online courses with certificates of completion, and in most cases, after completion of a course, a printable certificate of completion will be sent straight to your email. Having a valid certificate of completion can make your CV stand out and significantly increase your chances to get your dream job.

Have a look at the 50 most popular courses with certificates of completion listed below; learn in-demand skills taught by experts and get certified now!

Free Online Courses with Certificate of Completion

1. Human Resource Management

Learn how organizations strategically allocate their employees where they will be the most productive. You’ll learn how to identify right people, selection process, and proper recruitment.
On Saylor | Free Certificate | Self-Paced | 88 Hours Continue reading “50+ Free Online Courses with Certificate of Completion”

Learning French: Top Free Online Courses and Lessons

French learning lessons

Learning French is easy with these free online French courses and interactive lessons. Find the best courses or lessons that can be fit with your level. We’ve made a list of resources that will help you to find a very good start of learning French. The list includes online courses, class lectures and high-quality audio-video lessons. Most of the resources are completely free, while some of them have a paid service. Hope you will find these resources perfect for getting started with French.

Learning French with Free Online Courses

Taking an online French language course is one of the most effective ways of learning French. Start learning French with these online courses that can be perfect for you. While some courses are paid, many of them are free of charge. You can visit our complete collection of Free Language Courses to learn more languages. Continue reading “Learning French: Top Free Online Courses and Lessons”

English Courses: Learn English with the Best English Learning Courses

English learning courses

Free English Courses

Learn English with a good collection of free English courses with innovative audio, video and text materials. The courses are offered by top universities in the world. The courses are focus on all areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening. You can choose your course and start your reading anytime, anywhere. Also you can earn certificates after completion of the courses. You will get an excellent English learning experience through these courses.

American English Speech

Offered by OLI from Carnegie Mellon University. Learn the sounds of the words that we speak, the symbols for sounds using the International Phonetic Alphabet and articulating sounds using the dialect of Standard American English. Continue reading “English Courses: Learn English with the Best English Learning Courses”

Learning A New Language: 10 Tips You Need to Know

tips for learning a new language

Learning a new language is a valuable skill. It goes without saying that learning a new language will make you smarter and open up a world of job opportunity for you. It can boost your brain amazingly, no matter how old you are. Many learners struggle to merely pick up a new language for lacking of effective way. While there are many paths to picking up a new language, here are ten effective tips from multilingual experts I’ve found on the web to become fluent in a new language. As a language learner I found these tips very effective for me. That’s why I want to share these tips to the language learners who want to learn a new language with an easy way.

“Learning another language is like becoming another person.”
— Haruki Murakami

1. Set Specific, Realistic Goals – We all know that goals should be specific, and this saying is far more relevant to learn a new language. At the first stage of learning a new language, “speak fluently” as a goal, is too broad and is not necessarily the best idea. You have to narrow it down and make it more specific. Language learning should be broken down into manageable goals that are possible to attain within a few months. For example, set yourself a target of being able to say the 100 most common phrases for travelers, or to be able to exchange basic greetings or small talk. When you will be able to achieve this specific goal, set a new goal and learn step by step toward your big goal “speak fluently”. Continue reading “Learning A New Language: 10 Tips You Need to Know”

English Lessons for Free: Best Interactive Places Online

free English lessons

Learn English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL) with easy and effective way. This provides effective English lessons, including tips to improve speaking English, audio-video lessons, extensive grammar explanations, vocabulary practice lessons, English test, lessons for listening skills, English speaking tutorial and much more. The lessons are designed to work on mobiles, tablets and desktop computers- so wherever you are, enjoy learning English.

Websites for Free English Lessons

Breaking News English

Breaking News English provides English lessons based on the latest braking news. The lessons are organized in 7 levels, from elementary to advanced. New lessons uploaded every 2 days and available downloadable PDF format. 30+ online quizzes for each English lessons lessons. Listening files in British and American English can be downloaded in mp3 format. Continue reading “English Lessons for Free: Best Interactive Places Online”

Free Education Online: 25 Places To Educate Yourself

free online education

The internet has a lot to offer and it’s resources are endless. So free education online is not a hard thing these days. You can learn just about anything online for free. There are millions of learning resources are stored on the web for your learning. But the most important thing you need to do is find the right thing in the right place. Fortunately, there are plenty of reputable places where you can educate yourself for free.

In this article, I have compiled 25 reputable places that can be ideal for you to educate yourself online for free. If you’re interested to learn something new, this article is for you. Whether you want to learn history or coding, you will enjoy learning with these 25 high quality sites.

Free Education Online: 25 Places To Educate Yourself

1. University of London Podcasts

University of London Podcasts is a great source for free education online. Their free learning resources are from the institutes and colleges under the University of London. The colleges and institutes produce podcasts and video content that you can download free of charge. This gives learners a wide range of topics and lectures. Continue reading “Free Education Online: 25 Places To Educate Yourself”

Free eBooks: 20 Places to Read and Download Free eBooks

Best websites for free ebooks

Do you want to get some free ebooks to download or to read online?

These websites can be your favorite places to read or download your favorite e-books.

The websites provide lots of free e-books and PDF books to read and download.

Whether you are a classic reader or interested to learn something new, the places can be your favorite address. You can read here classic literature of fiction, non-fiction and poetry by the great authors of the world. You can also find here a lot of science and technology books. The books are free to download on your computer, Kindle or other e-reader devices.

20 Places to Read and Download Free eBooks

1. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg offers more than 50,000 free high-quality epub books and Kindle books. This is the first provider of free e-books. Michael Hart, the founder of Project Gutenberg, invented eBooks in 1971. You can download free e-books from their rich collection or read them online. Continue reading “Free eBooks: 20 Places to Read and Download Free eBooks”

12 Popular Courses on Social Media and Internet Marketing

courses on internet marketing

Expertise on social media and internet marketing is now an essential 21st century skill. The demand for people with social media skills has become a worldwide trend. If you are interested on how to use social media effectively or building a career in social media marketing, these courses will be perfect for you. Here are 12 most effective free online courses on social media and internet marketing you can sign up today.

12 Popular Courses on Social Media and Internet Marketing

1. Diploma in Social Media Marketing

The course topics include the concepts of social media marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, using social media tools, blogging and podcasting. In this course you will also learn different methods that can help increase website traffic. The course provided by ALISON. Continue reading “12 Popular Courses on Social Media and Internet Marketing”

12 Most Popular Free Online Courses for Professionals

courses for professionals

Want to gain some effective free online courses that will change the way you work? It’s never too late to learn new skills for your working life. There are a number of free online courses for professionals that are very interesting and will add extra skills on your resume. Here are 12 most popular free online courses for professionals you can sign up today to pick up a few new skills.

12 Most Popular Free Online Courses for Professionals

1. Time Management for Personal and Professional Productivity

This course is for you if you struggle with managing your time. You will be able to overcome time management challenges and enhance productivity. In our busy life managing time is the most important thing. This course will help you how to work smarter by managing time efficiently. Continue reading “12 Most Popular Free Online Courses for Professionals”