Free eBooks: 20 Places to Read and Download Free eBooks

Best websites for free ebooks

Do you want to get some free ebooks to download or to read online?

These websites can be your favorite places to read or download your favorite e-books.

The websites provide lots of free e-books and PDF books to read and download.

Whether you are a classic reader or interested to learn something new, the places can be your favorite address. You can read here classic literature of fiction, non-fiction and poetry by the great authors of the world. You can also find here a lot of science and technology books. The books are free to download on your computer, Kindle or other e-reader devices.

20 Places to Read and Download Free eBooks

1. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg offers more than 50,000 free high-quality epub books and Kindle books. This is the first provider of free e-books. Michael Hart, the founder of Project Gutenberg, invented eBooks in 1971. You can download free e-books from their rich collection or read them online.

2. eBooks@Adelaide

eBooks@Adelaide is a part of the library from the University of Adelaide, Australia. The site is an excellent place with huge amount of high quality free ebooks. You can read online with their easy-to-read view, or can download epub, zip and Kindle version.

3. Internet Archive’s Library

Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free ebooks. Internet Archive is collaborated with over 1100 world’s leading libraries. You can read online or can download in several formats including epub, zip and Kindle version.

4. Feedbooks

Feedbooks is a popular ebook retailer. Every month, it distributes millions of books to a large community of readers. You will find lots of popular free books in their Free Public Domain Books and Free Original Books section. Feedbooks says— read anywhere. So you can enjoy their books on any device like smartphones, tablets or dedicated readers.

5. e-Book Collection

This is a collection of free e-books online. If you are a classic reader you may find your favorite books here. You will find here links to the great novels by the great authors of the world. Find your favorite novels, download free e-books, and read them online.

6. BookYards

BookYards is a web portal where you can download free e-books in PDF format from their large collection of free PDF e-books. At BookYards, you can also publish your own PDF books and share it with their large community of readers all over the world.

7. BookBoon

BookBoon is the largest online book publisher providing free textbooks for students. BookBoon offers more than 1,000 free textbooks for students and over 600 ebooks for business professionals. Readers can download free ebooks without registration.

8. ReadPrint

ReadPrint is an online library for students, teachers and classic readers where you will get thousands of free online books. ReadPrint allows you to download free e-books that cover essays, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, and short stories.

9. The Online Books Page

The Online Books Page is a website where you will get more than 30,000 e-books that are freely readable over the Internet. The website is hosted by the University of Pennsylvania Libraries. The books are freely readable over the Internet.

10. Get Free e-Books

Get Free e-Books is an interactive site offering millions of free e-books. You can download free e-books in PDF and other formats. This is a world of free legal ebooks for both authors and readers. You can submit your books or can be a guest writer here. The e-books are in about 50 categories including fiction, nonfiction, horror, fantasy, and romance.

11. Many Books

Many Books provides more than 33,000 high quality free ebooks. You can download free e-books for Kindle, Nook and most other ereaders. You can also read the books online in simple HTML version.

12. Loyal Books

Loyal Books has a rich collection of free audiobooks and ebooks from the public domain. This site can be your favorite place because you will find it very useful. You can listen or read the books online and can download in most popular formats.

13. Baen Free Library

Baen Books, founded by Jim Baen, is a publisher of science fiction and fantasy books. The main site is typically for selling both their printed books and ebooks. But you can read and download thousands of free ebooks from their free library.

14. Classic Reader

Classic Reader has a large collection of free classic novels and stories by the great authors like Dickens, Austen, Shakespeare, and many others. If you love classic novels, you will find here lots of classic ebooks from more than 300 authors.

15. The complete Sherlock Holmes Canon

The site allows you to read and download all the original Sherlock Holmes stories for free. You can read the stories online in easy-to-read html view. You can also download in different formats like PDF, ePub, Mobi, ASCII, and Kindle Version.

16 Wikisource

Wikisource, hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, is a free library that anyone can improve. In language list, if you find your own language, you may find many ebooks in your own language selecting your own language. You may also find many ebooks translated in English that are originally written in your own language, and that you have already read. Here is a sample of their online reading view.

17. Free e-Books

Free eBooks is an online source where you will get thousands of free ebooks in a wide range of categories. You will also find here fiction and non-fiction from the independent writers. You need to register to access their library.

18. Free e-Book Centre

Free eBook Centre contains links to thousands of free technical ebooks. The ebooks are available in a wide range of categories including computer science, programming languages, physics, mathematics, electronics, medical books, and many more.

19. Public Literature

Public Literature is a simple but very rich collection of classic literature. If you are a classic reader the site can be your best place reading classic online. You can simply read the book online or download in PDF and other format for any ereader.

20. E-Book Directory

E-Book Directory has about 10,000 free downloadable e-books in 669 categories. It also provide technical papers, user contributed content, lecture notes, and articles in different categories. You can also submit and promote your own e-books here.

Some Other Places for Free eBooks

  1. World Public Library — Largest digital archive of PDF eBooks and eDocuments.
  2. Page by Page Books — A collection of classic ebooks from the public domain.
  3. PDF Search Engine — Find thousands of free PDF ebooks from the web.
  4. Planet eBook — A rich collection of downloadable free classic ebooks.
  5. Bibliomania — Thousands of free classic fiction, drama, poetry, and short stories.
  6. PDF Books — More than 4,700 downloadable public domain e-books.
  7. Full Books — A simple but large collection of free ebooks.
  8. Cmadras — A mobile site for reading thousands of free ebooks.
  9. Bartleby — Best works of fiction by the great classic authors.
  10. DailyLit — Get classics and fiction ebooks in your inbox and RSS feed.

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